Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Bull Music Academy knows...

So ive been working at and visiting the great folks @ Red Bull Music Academy alot lately.
Richard the Third, myself and Spoek Mathambo have been spending months in the studio building Spoeks solo project and it has been the most surreal ride!
Weve got some HUGE things planned for the coming months and years in fact, so keep your eyes peeled:)
Fuzzy and i also recorded the first VOICETAG tracks there
and it has been nothing but Blisss..
Between Steve Elsworth, Ivan Turanjanin and Richard Rumney (with help from Red Bull) these guys are running and building something a really nurturing and beautiful platform for musicians to express themselves and get some absolute top quality recordings from masters of their fields.
There will be a Red Bull Mixtape showcase at Assembly on the 26th of this month, with some great acts! check it out here.
come and have a great time with all of us...

now check this out...
My boy Lucky is the motherfucking beat fanatic!
He LOVES / makes / plays great music all the time, and shares his knowledge with all his friends!
He runs a great blog you should check out here
We were kicking it at his house on sunday...and were on the Brainfeeder records website, and came across this poster:

Now Red Bull Music Academy is synonymous the world over with throwing forward thinking, cutting edge events.
The have the confidence to give people a chance and show-case their greatness, and i could write entire blogs on the shit they do...but that line-up just blew me wiiiideee open!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back on my hustle beeeatches!

Right, so i know weve been through this before, but i do alot...
its no excuse, and i should be blogging like a beast from now on!
a fuck load of changes has entered my life, as they do...and im hella excited for whats coming:)
youll all know very soon...if you dont already.

So lets kick things off..

Check out this shit:

Have been becoming mildly obsesses with two homies at the moment...theyve been around for a minute, but i stumbled on both the other day:
Illustrators Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres make the most intricate art..I love it..I want to share it with you!
Ellis illustrates a number of works mostly for his AVATAR COMICS following, and collaborates with Caceres from time to time too.
Check out some images from Ellis' graphic novel "Crecy"

Caceres rolls a little darker:) He illustrates form beautifully, often with a much more morbid and graphic spin, pretty intense, but such attention to detail. His "Elizebeth Bathory" offering is a dark, skewed journey into the underworld, and he has a pretty warped, sexually explicit mind, as youll see:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Triple Helix Elite

The search has been countrywide...
The diligence has been cement-strong...
from street posts to phone boxes to store displays to the web the search for the TRIPLE HELIX has gained more momentum than Selebi's court case !
Soon the search will end with an answer..and the answer will make sure we're all never the same again.


Great things are planned!
Come to 119 Loop street and find out for yourselves

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Search Begins....

Peep the new installation @ our Store!!
Its looking rediculous!
The "triple Helix" is the new revolution of our store D.N.A
We have the launch of a brand that has not yet come to SHELFLIFE...but will be here in THE BIGGEST of ways!
A super exclusive VIP (100 only) party with free booze, free thought, and free tunes, a heap of EXCLUSIVE TO STORE product and some fire releases from this juggernaut in the sneaker game.
SMS "3helix" to 083 9766 320 (charged at normal sms rates) to stand a change at being one of the very lucky few to attend the party!
If you know me you`ll know...I LOVE THIS BRAND...and am super stoked to be part of all of it and to get such exclusive stock in our store!!
Cant wait to see the response to what weve done, keep your eyes on the streets, huge shout-outs going to the ZULUSTAR team for the incredible work theyre doing!
Check them out here
This shit is about to get oh so real:)


Triple Helix


Chem Lab


Friday, September 11, 2009

K, I Quit.

Now ive seen a butt-load of customs.
SBTG still does gangter clean shit.
All the Sneaker Pimps shows always have the cream-of-the-slop when it comes to customs and sneaker sculpture art, but when Nick showed me these it made me almost woozy.
Metalwork Artist Gabriel Dishaw seems to have something completely unique in his hand...
He wanted to overhaul a kick from package to aglet and came up with these Dunk Lo`s and Teminator Highs.





cogs and kicks?

Dunk Lo geni-yus!


Such great shape!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Stagnant as a pond,
Transparent as a Bond Girl,
I suffer from home internet-less-ness.
Less is most definitly not more.

Soon my blog will be alight with all bullshit the world over youve come to expect.
millions of projects have been spawned...
Co.lab is up and running...Sundays will never be the same.
Many projects have been customized,
Great Dj sets have been played and bteam is on the up/down..
Voicetag is about your blow all of your faces open, and close mine up!

keep eyes peeled.
make funny noises in bed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fuck right the fuck on off!!

Come on?
Religious shit!
Check these crazies out:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Motherfuckers just LOST THEIR MINNND!

My homie just put a picture up on his facebook about the riots last month in L.A
I started to do some investigation...CHECK THIS OUT!

The Holy Grail store was completely trashed!
Obviously people went for the really dope shit...Kicks and Caps!!!
They re-openend a week or so later than the projected date...
This is just a pity!
Cats working super-hard to bring great stuff to the streets, and getting fucked over for it!

Crew and Owner of Holy Grail Store in L.A

After the chaos...

and again...


"On June 14th, a riot broke out in chaos, after the Lakers beat the Magic for the NBA championship. The downtown rage was created by a spawn of looting, which caused severe damage to The Holy Grail, a consignment store, that sells sneakers, hats, clothing, and accessories. In the heart of the city, the store is now left with a bare image of empty space and broken glass. The store’s ownership stated, there isn’t a hate toward the Lakers, in fact, they give their full support as fans. The rebuilding has begun. At this time, they have asked for any spiritual support, value of service, or donation of time would be a major contribution in the reconstruction process. Their insurance will cover the losses and they will remain victorious again. The Lakers are back on top, so let’s catapult The Holy Grail back into the action of success"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What ever happenened to EMINEM?

Remember the days when EMINEM was an amazing emcee??
The Slim Shady LP
All the original Freestyles!

I prefered Eminem when he was poor and didnt have a deal...he used to spit flames!!
Talking bullshit about drugs and killing the delivery...its all same same now...shitty raps and 1 deivery...
My boy Aran and I were talking about it...and we think he`s digressed...

What a pity I say...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Home is where the Art is.

Home from joburg!
good to see everyone...always interesting times
My dogs old..
Mostly I learned to say FUCK YOU AARON SPEARS!!

Youre just too good for this planet!
Timing like a metranome!
Great ideas!

Friday, June 19, 2009

NIKE SB Video "Debacle" Premier

Adrian gets "photo of the year"

Rolled through to Waiting room last night for the release of the new NIKE SB video called Debacle!
It was dumb cool...there were lots of amazing NIKE SB samples on show aswell..
Word is that a couple stores are gonna get their accounts hooked up soon:)!
Great atmosphere, rad people, free beer and good music!
The Debacle video is one of the first (if not THE) High-Def skateboard movie around and you could really tell the difference.
I was really interested to see what it would be like - having seen the previous Nike SB Video "Nothing But the Truth", which was good...but marred with a really bullshit sideline plot and things.
Debacle was 25 Mins of balls to wall, in your face skating, that was great to see in some a nice atmosphere.
Big Props to Adrian From SB for hooking us up and making it a great night for all...

Keep you eyes peeled as always!

Monday, June 15, 2009

"What the fuck are those???" Item of the Week

Nike Auto Force 180 Hybrid

NY METS/Knicks inspired colour strip

All Black version

now i try my best to not bite shit...
i don't particularly like to just regurgitate others blogs...but i saw these via Freshnessmag and bugged..
Now if you know'll know I'm a kick-head..with a habit of the worst kind..
my real focus is the detail:
Charles Barkley iconic Air Force 180 that has been been reworked once before along with streams of dope Airforce Hybrids for the Anniversary..
but this time...
Completely remodeled and worked with those new-age materials and sheen.
and that blazer out sole KILLS it!
i mean come on!

I'm gonna try my hardest to get dope colour strips of these in the store...cos i know you kids will feel me on this..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Filthy (looking) sounds - METASONIX

Trent Reznor in his studio with racks full of Metasonix gear

My homie Triplet is not only a musical genius (true story)
He is also a man with great taste...
He sent me an image this morning of the TM-7 Vacuum Tube Module he`s being shipped by a company called METASONIX.
I am obsessed with the graphics on alot of their stuff and the writings on the website more than the brain-fucking amazingness of the gear itself...but im sure Triplet will show me soon...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

customizing n sheet...

still taped with flat detail..keep eyes peeled for the finished pix

im doing a dope pair of kicks for a guy in durbs...
theyre SIZE 12 ALL WHITE AF1`s
lots of space to fuck-around with!!!
little blessings..

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Went and saw ALEX SMOKE last night at FICTION in Long Street...and i can say it was truly eye opening, euphoric and absolute fun!
So reminiscent - crazy days with great friends seeing top DJ`s in cities around the world...only this time it was in my very own city!!
The dance floor was heaving and could barely smell the sweat through the excitement!! (both were everywhere)
Smoke was bloody incredible!!
Such a progressive and unique sound...and his demeanor behind the box was pure cool!

Endless thanks to Alex and Fiction,
Special thanks to the Killer Robot guys for bringing such treat for the people, and constantly providing for our education and enjoyment, and as always, to the amazing people who were there for creating such a great atmosphere...

Check out his Myspace: